Employee Benefits for San Francisco Businesses from Zinc

Health and Life Insurance Plans for Small and Medium-Sized Companies in SF

Providing health insurance and life insurance plans for employees of your business is a great way to keep your company competitive and foster a good environment at your business.

Zinc works with small business small and medium sized businesses in San Francisco to provide employee benefit plans for their workers. We can offer a range of health insurance and life insurance policies for your employers to take advantage of. We also make the process easy on you as an employer by being a full service insurance broker and offering a single point of contact for all of your employee benefits questions. Contact us at (347) 460-5492 or through the online form to learn more about available policies.

How Employee Benefits Will Work for Your Company

Every business in SF is unique in terms of its employees, company culture, size, and more. Zinc provides employee benefit plans that bring all of the insurance needs of your employees into a single program. We meet your current business needs and can grow your employee benefits program as your business grows with solutions for:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Zinc specializes in health and life insurance for individuals and families, as well as solutions for your business and your employees. We are insurance brokers who have partnered with a number of health and life insurance providers so that we are able to adapt policies to the number of your employees, the various coverage needs, and the premiums that are within your and your employees’ budgets.

Get a Quote for Employee Benefits for Your Business

If you are looking to add health insurance and life insurance for employees at your business or are looking to save money by switching to a new insurance provider, Zinc is a team you can rely on to get you great rates and quality offerings. Get a quote for insurance coverage when you contact us today.

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